Targa Miata
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April 17, 2014 - With the extra power, it's time to upgrade the braking.
Speed is a much bigger factor when it comes to braking than weight is.
The previous front setup was a typical one, with a Wilwood Dynalite caliper, two-piece 11" rotors and Performance Friction PFC97 pads. I loved the pads, they would always stop the car hard regardless of pad temperature. But they were hard on rotors when they got too hot or too cold, and the track work with the 5.3 was running them too hot so the pads were also starting to suffer.
So it's time for a new 6-piston Dynapro. Nice big pad area to go with the new rotors. I'm going to try some Wilwood compounds, starting with the E flavor. There's also a full set of H pads on my shelf if I need to be more aggressive. We'll see how it works. At the back of the car, I already have Wilwood Powerlite calipers with E pads. Basically, I'm now running the Flyin' Miata "Big Mama Jama Stage 2" kit.
Combined with the big master cylinder and the brace, I have one very solid brake pedal. Highly reassuring with this power/weight ratio!
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